Go sporty with this pinafore midi dress!

I am not a person who normally would wear anything sporty or something that is more inclined to a tomboy look. I’m majorly into bohemian clothes, loads of ethnic wear and undoubtedly the sophisticated girly stuff. Most of us are naturally attracted to a particular fashion sense, either we are very comfortable with it or we love it anyway. But as a blogger, I always want to experiment with different things. Be it the bold make up that I did a few weeks ago, the rep lippy that I absolutely dread (still learning to pull off red lips though) or the sporty look that I’m wearing today!

So everyone knows about the Koovs’ Can’t get enough sale, don’t we? I cannot even begin to tell you how much I’ve shopped because let’s be real, they have such amazing stock! Not everyone can manage to pull off a sale like that with such an awesome collection. The look that I’m wearing today is a Pinafore midi dress with dungaree style shoulders which I got from Koovs ofcourse.

Why should you consider a pinafore style?

Upper half looks slimmer : YES! No kidding here, it’s a blessing for  girls with a heavy bust. Try out for yourself!
Sensational and casual both : You don’t have to worry much about the look you want to portray. Pair it with a sleek crop top to make it look sexy or we all have the plain white tshirt to keep it causal.
• For every type of weather : On cold nights, we can play around with a sweater underneath and high boots, we’ll be good to go. On the other hand when it’s too hot to glam, just put your hands on your favorite crop top or pinafore of the sexiest slit!
Too many options : Can’t stress on this anymore. Corduroy pinafore for a party look or the classic denim pinafore? Wait, a long ankle length or a short and sexy one? Yes, they do come with a lot of fabric options and of-course, in length too.

Let’s jump to the pictures now and I shall mention about how I styled the look at the bottom end of the post.

IMG_0023 new









I styled my pinafore dress with bare minimum accessories because I wanted to wear a sporty casual look without making it look totally tomboy. I chose a striped crop top from Forever 21 and these sneakers from Jabong. For the face, I went with a nude lippy and kajal on my waterline with mascara. Make sure you don’t go overboard with pinafores.
This choker that I’m wearing it a plain velvet cloth and you’ll get it in any lace shop. I made quite a few DIY chokers and this is one of them.

Hope you liked the look. If you did, please don’t forget to comment below and share the post. I will see you guys very soon!

Until the next time

Lots of love,



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