Trendsetting With Knee High Socks!

Hello and Welcome back! First things first, a very Happy New Year to all my readers. You people are my extended family and I love you all beyond words. We’re almost a month into the year and that makes me realize how fast time really flies by. When I first started my blog in 2016, I had never thought months would pass by so smoothly and I’ll be writing my 15th web blog post today as the first post of 2017! It has been a fantastic year where I got two public mentions for two of the blog posts I had written back in September. You can view them below :
1. 10 reasons to wear Ethnic more often!
2. Go sporty with this pinafore midi dress!

Well anyway let’s talk a little about the cold. I felt this was the coldest season of Mumbai in ages and hence I decided to play around the newest trend of 2017, the knee high socks. Needless to say, this look will compliment the weather in North more than any where else. I styled two looks with the knee socks so let’s decode the first one.

Frill Skirt And Retro Top

Tried to keep it minimal with a bell sleeved top tucked in a black frilly georgette skirt.


Boho Tassel Top With Shorts

For the second look, I went more casual with a tassel tribal print long top over blue denim shorts.


Knee high socks:
Retro top + boho top: Exhibition
Bag: Calcutta Streets

That’s all for today folks. I promise to keep more consistency with my posts. Hope to see you all soon! But before going, don’t forget to tell me how you liked this look.



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