Why TheSilkStudio?

Hey  Namastey! 

So as this is my very first post on my blog, let me tell you what TheSilkStudio is all about. Why this name? Well, there’s a story behind it.

They say I was born pink, as soft as ‘Silk’. I was the first baby girl in the house. Amidst all the laughter, merrymaking and emotions was someone sitting in a corner, smiling to herself, my grandmother. Yes! She’s the person who thought of naming me ‘Silky’. (Err)

That’s one thing. The other part is how I absolutely love the fabric ‘Silk’. Silk is something that’s been in fashion throughout generations. Also, I’m totally a shimmer person. It’s wonderful how the cloth produces the shimmering appearance through its reflection into different colors.

Well, Silk also means Resham. ( And yes,that’s my name)

I think that’s too much gýan right away in the first post, So I’ll stop here with one promise to all you lovely people.

TheSilkStudio is going to be YOUR story, it’s going to reflect the story of a free spirited soul, a liberal mind imbibed with traditional values. Because, that’s what all we girls are meant to be. We are going to be a huge family a little too soon, aren’t we?

Not to forget, as I always say –

People talk about having a moral compass that guides them, I just drink vodka, wear my favorite lipstick and see where I end up.





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